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Another of our star products is the red marble, called Rojo Alicante Marble, which stands out as a resistant material that allows plenty of surface finishes, among the most common the polished and the distressed.

The Rojo Alicante Marble is a natural red stone that comes from quarries in the area of Alicante. This native marble owes its beauty to its characteristic red texture with white veins that can be more or less numerous depending on the stone.

This marmoreal stone is extremely useful for all types of constructions. It is normally used for interior and exterior designs, floors, walls and facades, giving elegance and vivacity to the buildings thanks to the combination of its colour schemes. Moreover, the red marble is perfect to combine with all types of designs, finishes and shapes. Due to its aptitudes, it allows thousands of possibilities and actions during building process.

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Quality First quality

Quality First quality

Alfaquí Stone commercialises Rojo Alicante Marble by making blocks, slabs and tiles of different qualities. First quality Rojo Alicante Marble, distinguished by its aesthetic and beauty and also commercial Rojo Alicante Marble. Coming from Alicante’s area, this marble is treated and distributed by means of dedicated and specialized techniques that lead to preserve the good conditions of each piece of marble.

Formats Sizes and formats

FormatsSizes and formats

Alfaquí Stone includes a wide variety of formats in their Rojo Alicante Marble ranging from 120x120cm to 30x30cm and also a broad standard measures (90x90cm, 80x80cm, 60x60cm, 60x40, 60x20, etc.). Moreover, we distribute our marble around all the Spanish territory and also in many foreign countries.
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120 x 120
90 x 90
80 x 80
60 x 60
60 x 40
60 x 30
60 x 20
40 x 40
40 x 30
30 x 30