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Dark Emperador

Rojo Alicante

Among the many natural stones dedicated to the construction service, the Dark Emperador is one of the most versatile and distinctive that you can find on the market. It is a marble with a high percentage of crystallization, which gives an elegant and natural shine. Moreover, given its tonality with different brown tones, it is a very elegant and formal stone, perfect for classic and distinguished atmospheres.

Among its many uses, stands out the placated in the facades using this Dark Emperador Marble. These same placated works can be applied in superficial completions, polished, distressed, sandblasted and also polished floors. In addition, thanks to its characteristic tonality, it is common to use it in combination with other marbles.

Dark Emperador Marble has a high quality, elegance and distinction and it is compatible with many works being suitable for multiple uses.

Dark Emperador


Quality First quality

Quality First quality

Dark Emperador Marble is one of the most recognized marbles around the world. Alfaquí Stone sells first quality slabs, blocks and tiles always using the best techniques and also maintaining the quality levels depending on the aesthetic and the beauty of the block. Among the range of this product, we have at your disposal the Dark Emperador Marble of first quality and the commercial one.

Formats Sizes and formats

FormatsSizes and formats

We offer a wide variety of formats in order to make easier our customers’ decision. We have an endless amount of measures that can help you deciding the exact size you need. From 120x120cm to 30x30cm through a wide standard of measures (90x90cm, 80x80cm, 60x60cm, 60x40, 60x20, etc.).
Dark Emperador



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